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Ultra Durable Waterproof Shoe Covers

on September 29, 2021

Cleaning your shoes every time you go out can be a hassle, especially if you are going into a muddy region or places with high traffic.

If you are tired of cleaning or the mud on your shoes every time it rains, the ultra-durable silicone rain shoe cover with an anti-slip design will be an excellent addition to your shoe care collection.

The new model, which improves on the last model's loose and inefficient protection, features complete protection to your shoes.

It also includes an anti-slip design, which fits snugly on your shoe, meaning you no longer have to worry about mud or gravel getting into the cover. It is also long-lasting since the material used is more robust and resists tears better.

Features of the silicone shoe cover

If a cost-efficient and eco-friendly way to avoid cleaning your shoes are what you want, then these silicone shoe covers are what you need. Compared to the disposable plastic shoe covers, these silicone-based covers offer more life and performance. They are fit for use among men, women, and children, making them all-rounded.

The silicone shoe covers include features like:

1. Anti-slip design

After a heavy downpour, walking around in some plastic cover with no treads for traction can be dangerous. However, there's a solution to that, and the silicone shoe covers fill this gap. You no longer have to worry about slipping on wet surfaces with these shoe covers that feature a well-ridged tight thread mechanism on the sole.

These reusable shoe covers offer superior slip resistance that gives you the confidence to walk on icy and slippery surfaces and paths.

2. 100% Silicone material

Walking in the rain can be messy and increases the chances of you going home with some wet socks. However, this does not have to be the case with the silicone shoe covers. Silicone, which is the 100% material composition of these shoe covers, is waterproof. So, it prevents water from getting into your shoe, whether you are walking in the rain or snow. So, you can walk into houses with your shoes, even after walking through puddles and pools, because the shoe cover offers protection from water all around.

The silicone rubber is also wear-resistant and eco-friendly. This material offers optimal resistance and protection from dust, water, gravel, and mud. You can also use it on salt, snow, and dirt without ruining your favorite pair of shoes.

4. Full coverage

The versatile design featured on these shoe covers allows you to protect every part of your shoe. Whether it is the sole or the closure and top part, the cover ensures you enjoy optimal protection from elements.

5. Compact size

Another feature included in these shoe covers is their small compact design. You can carry and wear them quickly when you need to. Just fold it in half and put it into your pocket to protect your favorite pair of shoes when it rains.

The flexible design makes it easy to fold the shoe cover and pack it into small spaces, increasing its portability.

7. Hook

So, what happens when you get to your destination and need to hang the shoe covers to dry? Do not worry; the shoe covers come with a hook at the back to hang them. Whether you are storing them or hanging them to dry, it is simple to do so.

8. Elastic design

The most notable feature of these silicone shoe covers is their flexible design. Therefore, you can fit them on a wide range of shoes. Also, this design means that wearing the shoe cover and taking it off is simple, and it fits your shoe perfectly. Say bye-bye to loose shoe covers that allow dust or water into your shoe surface.

9. Clear material

Sometimes, you want to protect your shoe from elements while remaining fashionable. And if that's what you want, then these ultra-durable silicone shoe covers are what you need. The transparent material makes it easy to wear your favorite shoe with your outfit without worrying about color clashing.

Why should you buy these shoe covers?

Walking in the rain or ice can be dangerous. It is even worse when you need to put on shoe covers that offer no form of support to protect you from slipping. However, this is not something you have to worry about. These ultra-durable silicone shoe covers come with impressive threads on the sole to offer superior anti-slip properties.

Other reasons you should buy this shoe cover includes:

  • If you want to remain fashionable and stand out, then these shoe covers that protect your regular and rain shoes from soaking with water and keep dirt at bay are the solution you need.
  • The shoe covers feature an elastic, durable silicone material that is easy to wear and take off, alongside the latest non-slip textured design that keeps you walking confidently in the rain.
  • The lightweight, foldable material makes it easy to carry around too.
  • The new and improved version offers your shoe and foot complete protection from the elements. The sole is also durable and fits snugly.

Pros of the silicone shoe covers

  1. The shoe covers include a sturdy material that lasts long, even on rough surfaces like gravel, sand, and mud. The premium silicon rubber used in making these shoe covers takes you on a trip after a trip without ripping or tearing.
  2. The shoe covers are reusable, which implies that you are saving cash and protecting mother nature from plastic disposal. 
  3. The flexible design featured on these shoe covers makes them incredibly versatile. You can use them on your rain boots or regular sneakers for kids and adults without tearing
  4. The thickened silicone material is impressively resistant to wear and tear, allowing you to wear the shoe covers to any outdoor activities, including cycling, gardening, and fishing
  5. These lightweight, compact-size shoe covers are easy to carry around, which means you can bring them anywhere as you try out new adventures
  6. The clear design means you can wear it with any shoe and outfit without clashing your look
  7. The shoe covers feature a unique sole design that features compact threads to offer superior slip resistance. 
  8. The shoe covers are easier to clean compared to shoes
  9. Since you can reuse them, they are an affordable alternative to the hassle of cleaning and washing your shoes every time you go out in the rain. As a result, your shoes last longer, which means saving more cash.

Cons of the silicone shoe cover

Although they effectively keep your feet dry and warm in the rain, there's one minor flaw in these shoe covers. The thread design included on the sole is suitable for outdoor activities only. The performance of these superior slip-resistant soles drops when you are on smooth, wet surfaces. However, you can avoid these by removing the shoe covers when you go indoors and walking carefully on tiled floors when it rains.

How to use the silicone shoe covers?

These shoe covers, with their sturdy, stretchy design, are easy to wear and remove. You can have your shoe protected in a few simple steps. You just wear them as you wear socks, only this time, on your shoes.

  1. Roll the shoe cover down until you get to the front part
  2. Stretch them and place the front part against the front of your show
  3. Roll the shoe cover up your shoe like you do your socks. 
  4. Fit the front first and pull back the cover over the heel of your shoe

Simple, right?

Sizes available

Although the silicone shoe covers are stretchy, you should get shoe covers that fit your shoes. This way, you can avoid undue pressure that could damage or tear your shoe cover before it wears out. The sizes available in the collection include:

1. Small

If you wear a shoe size less than 22 cm, then this is the shoe cover to go for. It is recommended for kids with shoe sizes between 32 and 35 (European standards). These shoe covers are 12.5cm high by 21cm wide.

2. Medium

This size is recommended for women with shoe sizes between 36 and 38, European measures. It fits compatible with shoes between 22 and 24cm in length and measures 15cm in height and 24.9cm in length.

3. Large

These shoe covers are ideal for men with shoe sizes between 39 and 44, European standard. These shoe covers, measuring 17.5cm in height and 29 cm in length, fit shoes between 24 and 28cm in length.

Where to buy

If you reside in Singapore, you can order in your pair of shoe covers or even for your family from You can also get a couple from, with free shipping for orders above $45. The deliveries are via J&T Express, SpeedPost Economy and via regular mail. Alternatively, you can pick up your pair from the shop at Novelty Bizcentre, 18 Howard Road, Singapore.