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Vacuum Storage Bags

on September 20, 2021

Modern-day travel and storage hacks keep getting better and better. Before, you had to fold your clothes in an elegant way to save up space for your jumper or travel pillow. However, the introduction of compression bags for travelers and homeowners with limited space means more space and better product storage. Now, you can save up to 80% space in your wardrobe and even protect your stuff from water damage. That is all thanks to the vacuum storage bags and a hand pump.


How do vacuum storage bags work?

Vacuum storage bags come in handy when moving, traveling, or dealing with limited space in your house.  They are handy when swapping seasonal clothing. And if you have duvets, comforters, and pillows, then you know just how much space they end up taking.

However, using a vacuum bag, you can save on space by sucking the air out of the fabric. The clothes shrink to a fraction of their original size by creating a vacuum, making it easier to store or carry them around.



There's something beautiful about compressing a 7-inch pillow to one inch or folding that duvet and placing it in your wardrobe without moving and tossing your clothes around. And if you are particularly thrilled by light travels, then you will find the compression bags a valuable addition to your traveling kit. The features on the product make it so that many users come back for more after the initial purchase. These features include:


  • Double-Zip lock- the whole idea of the compression bag is to suck out air from your cloth, pillow, or blanket before storing it. It is even more critical that air does not seep back into the bag after vacuuming. That is what the double-zip lock does for your compression bag. It offers double protection against air leaking back into the vacuum storage bag, even after storing it for a long time.

  • Triple seal turbo valve- Again, the idea is to draw out all the air and ensure none gets back without your consent. The triple seal turbo valve, which can be used with any circular hose vacuum cleaner with a diameter less than 2.5cm, offers this property. The rubber valve seals the vacuum you create, and the cap secures the rubber seal in place, offering triple protection against air leakage.

  • Heavy-duty plastic- The compression bags comprise a heavy-duty, transparent, lightweight, and recyclable plastic material that is long-lasting and friendly to the environment. With proper maintenance, you can use one bag for various reasons, and provided the seals remain intact; the bag can last for as long as you wish.

  • Waterproof- The material does not allow water in the bag. So, if you are storing your clothes for the warm, humid summers, you do not have to worry about mildew and mold discolorations. Therefore, your clothes never retain a musky, damp odor, even when stored for a long time.

  • Easy to seal slider- the bag comes with an easy-to-close slider, making it effortless to use.


Package Contents

When buying a package, you get eight pieces of compression bags and a hand pump. The bags come in different sizes, including:


  • 2 100cm*80cm Jumbo vacuum storage bags
  • 3 large vacuum storage bags 80cm*60cm
  • 3 Medium bags, 60cm*40cm


However, you can also shop for individual sets, which include:


  • Three medium bags per set
  • Three large bags per set
  • Two jumbo vacuum storage bags per set


There is no pump included in the individual sets.



Due to the space-saving properties, compression bags find a lot of use around the house and outdoors. Whether you are going hiking and having a picnic and do not wish to carry many bags, a vacuum storage bag can help you save up to 80% of your space.

Alternatively, you can use vacuum storage bags to pack for your travels. This way, you carry less luggage, and thank technology for that, you know airports and multiple luggage do not have the best relationships.

Other applications include:

  • Wardrobe arrangements- you can save more space for more clothes
  • Travel luggage
  • Outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, or picnics
  • When moving- you have fewer boxes to carry around
  • You can now compress king-size duvets, quilts, and towels to a fraction of their original size, making it easier to organize your closet and travel.
  • You can also store sweaters and coats in good conditions with these vacuum storage bags.

How to use

Using a vacuum storage saver bag has never been easier. And in few steps, you can clear out your wardrobe, organize your closet and pack lightly for your trip.


  1. Pick a bag to suit your needs- if you need to store large items, like a duvet, then a jumbo bag works better than medium size.
  2. Open the bag by grabbing each side of the zipper and pull gently. So not pull so hard that the zipper comes off.
  3. Place your vacuum storage bag on a flat surface and keep the side with the valve facing up
  4. Select the item to store in the bag, and fold them nicely. Make sure the items to store do not have sharp corners and are dry before folding them.
  5. Put the item in the bag, but do not overfill it. Place the items until you reach the fill line
  6. Press gently to remove any excess air you can with your hands
  7. Zip up- press the zip line with your thumb and index finger, and slide from one end to the other. Repeat this at least three times to provide an air-tight seal.
  8. Run your index finger along the zipper and press down to ensure that the bag has no open spaces
  9. Open the valve cap. Make sure you unscrew the cap and not tag at it. This preserves the grooves and your compression bag.
  10. Remove the silicon plug and place the hose or the pump on the valve.
  11. Deflate the bag by turning your vacuum on or the pump
  12. Remove the hose and tighten the cap again by screwing it in
  13. Proceed to store your compressed pack on a smooth surface. Avoid rough surfaces that could puncture your bag, such as under the bed, in your wardrobe, on the bedside table and in-room corners



  • Saves on space-reduces the volume of an item through compression, thus saving on space by 80%
  • Protects against water damage- protects against mold, mildew, and water
  • It makes organizing closets easier
  • Bye-bye to dust and insects
  • The plastic vacuum storage bags protect your stuff from odors and dirt
  • Since the bags are reusable, you can make use of them for a long time
  • Due to the multi-fitting valve, you can use your vacuum cleaner to suck out the air if you do not have a pump at home.
  • The pump is small and easy to carry around, making travel more convenient.


Helpful tips when using compression bags

Storing clothes and blankets in vacuum bags for more than six months could damage their fiber structures. Also, there are materials you can keep in vacuum bags and others that you should not. 

Some valuable tips to consider when storing your goods on vacuum storage bags include:


  1. Avoid storing leather, natural fibers like wool and fur, or fluffy clothes like oversized coats in a storage bag. The extreme pressures take a toll on the fabric's structure, thus damaging them or making them lose their shape.
  2. If you choose to store your items in a vacuum bag, air them every after some time to help the fabric recover from the brutal compression forces.
  3. Consider using vacuum storage for seasonal clothes; say you store your winter coats when it's summer and take them out to exchange with your cotton, spandex, and polyester summer collection when it is winter.
  4. Slide the zipper 2-3 times after packaging the bag, and follow up with your thumb and index finger to press the sealing line. This technique offers more air-tight performance of your bag in case the zipper misses a spot.
  5. DO NOT pull out the rubber valve when deflating the bag. Remember, this is the seal that keeps air from flowing back into the bag. So, only move it to the side and attach your hose.
  6. Finally, make sure you are storing your vacuum bags on smooth surfaces. A small puncture on the bag negates your efforts to save space.


Where to buy plastic compression bags

Enjoy free shipping when you buy vacuum storage bags at These bags, which have received 4.9/5 user ratings online, come in different sizes and depending on the package of choice, you could also get a free hand pump.


Final Thoughts

Now, you can save more space in your home, on your travel bag, or when you participate in outdoor activities with vacuum storage bags. The vacuum action reduces the item's volume, making them the ultimate space-saving solution for people with limited space. Also, you get to keep your clothes and bedding in good shape, free from odors, mildew, mold, dust, and insects for long. The waterproof property of the bag also locks out moisture, thus preserving your clothes from damp and stuffy odors.