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Double Sided Mounting Nano Adhesive Tape - Heavy Duty Carpets Grip Tapes
Double Sided Mounting Nano Adhesive Tape - Heavy Duty Carpets Grip Tapes

    Double Sided Mounting Nano Adhesive Tape - Heavy Duty Carpets Grip Tapes


    【Nano Grip Tape - Double Sided】

    ●【NEW TAPE】--- Our double-sided nano tapes are made from PU gel, with durable, double-sided self-adhesive, transparent, no residue, removable and washable features which will leave no traces on the wall or any surface.

    ●【STRONG VISCOSITY】--- Through our new NanoTechnology and adaptable material, it holds on all surfaces. It can hold up to 1 KG (2.2 LBS) on a smooth surface so that you can paste anything, such as cell phones, keys, pens, decorations, wall hangings, kitchen tools, etc.

    ●【WASHABLE & REUSABLE】--- When it gets dirty, Our Washable Adhesive Tape can be washed with water and dried to regain its stickiness. DO NOT use any other wipes or detergent. The tape has to be dry when sticking anything onto it. It will not work when it is wet.

    ●【MULTIPURPOSE NANO TAPE】--- This tape can be used on walls, floors, doors, and windows, cars, tables, etc. It can be used to fix or paste car phone holders, posters, photo frames, wall stickers, hooks, gadgets, sticky pads, decorative patches, and other items. It can be used in many places and solve all kinds of clutter, such as the bathroom, wall decoration, car decoration, fixed carpet, kitchen tools, table tidying, etc.

    ●【REMOVABLE AND TRACELESS】--- Our Double-Sided Nano Grip Tape can easily be torn off a smooth, firm surface without residue or damage. Please note that our tape is not suitable for the following surfaces, walls soiled by oil and water, walls that easily peel off, wallpaper, or painted walls. The reason for painted walls is that the paint layer is the weakest link of adhesion to the actual wall and will peel when any force is applied to it.

    Installation Guide: 

    1. Cut off the size and length that you require
    2. Stick onto the surface you need and apply pressure for 30 secs
    3. Tear off the protective transparent layer
    4. Stick on any item you want and apply pressure for 30 secs
    5. To remove, use a plastic scraper to push against the tape.
    6. Holding a edge of the nano tape, pull 90 degrees till it loses its adhesive strength and it will come off easily.